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Looking to be the top dog?

Harvesting a super weary predator earns you the mark of an expert hunter. Predators are at the top of the food chain for a reason. They’re smart. You need every advantage you can get your hands on when hunting predators. Choosing the right gear is critical for a successful predator hunt – and it’s not just about picking up the latest and greatest technology in an electronic call.

Coyote in large fieldElectronic vs. Mouth Calls
Coyotes are some of the smartest predators in the game. They can be incredibly frustrating – but for those that figure them out – it is some of the most fun hunting you’ll ever do. This year, it’s time to raise your game and put some ‘yotes on the ground.

Now more than ever, it’s easier to grab an electronic call (eCaller), push a few buttons, and think that you’re going to be knocking them down in minutes. The sheer number of electronic calls on the market – along with all of the voices for each call – create a dizzying array of choices for the predator hunter. How do you know which to pick? What should you be taking to the field with you?

Since you’re on a website that manufactures mouth calls – you might be surprised at the answer we’re about to give you. You see, electronic calls – when used right – can offer a significant advantage to the predator hunter. Here are some of the benefits of an electronic call:

  • Shared calling duty
    • No more getting yourself all out of breath and too heavily focused on calling
  • Remote speaker location
    • Predators have incredibly keen senses, and they can literally pick out your calling location, to the tree, from 200 yards away. A remote speaker can prevent you from getting busted.

All that being said, there are a couple of things that electronic calls can’t do for you.

  • They can’t provide a change in the emotion of the call.
  • They can’t vary the pitch of the call.
  • They can’t change the tone of the calling.
  • They can’t change the rhythm of the calls.
  • They can’t add inflection to the call.
  • They can’t change the sequence of the calls.

Those are all things that you absolutely need from a mouth call. When you’re in the field, you don’t know for sure what the weather or the terrain is going to hand you. You also don’t know exactly what kind of mood those wary predators are going to be in when you hit that first stand. That’s what expert predator hunters recommend that you take both electronic calls and mouth calls to the stand with you.

Educated Dogs

Anyone that’s hunted ‘yotes for any amount of time will tell you that educated dogs are tough to overcome. They say you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog – and in the case of hunting apex predators, that may be the honest truth. Once a dog has become educated on your electronic call’s sequences, tones, and rhythms, you run the risk of that eCall becoming little more than a paperweight. Overdoing it with any call is a real danger – just like with attractants and decoys – and once the damage is done, it can make it that much tougher to take down the pack.

Variety is the Spice

When you head out to hunt, you’ll want the ability to offer those dogs a variety of calls to catch their interest. There’s nothing more thrilling than a successful hunt – and you’ll want to set yourself up for the best chances for success. If you’re looking to get your predator season kicked off on a high note, make sure that you’ve got a pocketful of mouth calls to keep your electronic call company this season.

Once you get to the stand, get your eCaller going with some predator calls – howls, pup in distress, whatever you think is going to give you the best chance. Use your mouth calls to throw some prey sounds into the mix – and watch the ‘yotes react. Duel’s pro staff recommends diversifying your calling by tossing in howls, yelps, and distress calls to keep those coyote’s guessing on what is real – and what isn’t.

Using your electronic call along with mouth calls helps prevent the dogs in your area from becoming wise to the rhythms and sequences of just one call. It also helps to distinguish yourself from every other hunter that happened to buy the same brand of call that you’ve got your hands on. Some of the world’s greatest – and most successful – predator hunters bring both an electronic call and good, old-fashioned mouth calls to every stand with them.

Coyote hunting - successful coyote hunt

Great Things Come in Packages

When you hit the stand this year, consider grabbing an all in one package of predator calls, like Duel’s Sniper Predator Pack that includes an open reed dominant howler, an open reed rabbit distress and coyote howler, along with a micro closed-reed rodent distress, and a micro closed-reed rabbit distress call. Adding these calls to your electronic voice repertoire will greatly increase your chances for success this season. It’s like adding a secret weapon to your predator hunting arsenal. A secret weapon that includes Duel’s patented dual chamber technology that makes your calls sound more realistic than ever before and makes it harder for those dogs to sniff you out.
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