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Get Real. Stop Wasting Your Breath.

Get Real. Stop Wasting Your Breath.

Remember a hunt that started out like this? 

Duel's Stretchback Grunt Call - stop wasting your breath - get the most realistic calls on the planet.

You’re there, in your tree stand, waiting. Sun is going down and no sign of a single buck.  You’re wrestling with the idea of just going home. You look out one last time and scan the field. There he is. The biggest monster buck you spent all day waiting for is hanging out at the other farthest edge of the field. You get to work to call him in. Stealthily reach into your pack and pull out your grunt call. Put the call to your lips and use that long drawn-out, low grunt-get him thinking there is an alpha out here ready for a fight. His head shoots up, looks at you for a split second-his ears twitching from side to side. You didn’t even get him to lick his nose! He takes off in the other direction, out of sight… and you’re still here, in your tree stand thinking what just went wrong?

Taking down the biggest monster buck means packing a realistic sounding grunt call - don’t waste your breath on anything but the best. Dual chamber technology works the same way we talk. Air comes from our lungs, across our vocal cords and out the nose and mouth.  With deer, air follows the same path from the lungs to vocal cords-the dual chambers, and out of his mouth and nose. The result is a deer sound just like a REAL BUCK. Using a grunt call without dual chamber technology is like talking with your nose pinched closed. Well, it’s a lot like calling with a cold.

Duel’s Stretchback grunt call doesn’t just make you sound like a buck, it takes out the guessing game when it comes to change. You don’t need to fumble the ball switching back to rattling to keep him locked on you. With seven O-rings and the StretchTone tube, you gain flexibility AND dual functionality. You sound like a REAL buck on the move! And our rubber flex tube won’t stop working because of a little cold weather. 

Remember that hunt again? This time, reach into your pack and pull out a Duel Stretchback grunt call. Lure him with your own REALISTIC specialized grunt sound, site him in, take the shot - go home. It’s that simple. We designed our grunt calls with dual chamber technology to be that instrument for opportunity. 

With the Duel Stretchback grunt call, you know success is just a call away. Why? Because all mammals make sounds the same way - and so should your grunt call. Would you ever even think of going out on a deer hunt with a grunt call that is anything less than first-rate? That’s right - you wouldn’t. 

On your next hunt don’t waste your breath on anything other than the best grunt call out there – Duel’s Stretchback grunt call. It’s not wasting your breath, it’s the sound of success.

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