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Dual Chamber Technology

Stop Wasting Your Breath

All mammals make sounds the same way.

Mammals produce sound through two chambers, the nasal cavity and oral cavity. While the oral cavity does far more sound articulating than the nasal cavity, the nasal cavity is vital for adding resonance.

Think about the way you talk. The air comes from your lungs, across your vocal cords, and out your nose and mouth.

When you have a cold, or plug your nose, you sound different.

This is the secret of dual chamber technology.

Using any game call with just one chamber is like you’re calling with a cold. Only Duel Game Calls use the patented dual chamber technology to make the most real sounding calls available. The results speak for themselves.

Think the animals you’re calling don’t know the difference?

Think again.

The Duel Better Call Guarantee

We’re convinced that our calls are the best sounding calls on the market. But you don’t have to take our word. We offer the best guarantee available today. If you don’t think your Duel Call is the most realistic sounding call on the market, we’ll take it back. Period.

All mammals make sound the same way: with two chambers.
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